Our Wellbeing post is currently vacant, we hope to have a new Wellbeing coordinator in post by November 1st 2023.

For regular wellbeing updates, please check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ShapinsayIslandWellbeing

Island Wellbeing Project: Shapinsay

Shapinsay is part of the Island Wellbeing Project, a partnership of Development Trusts working to support the health, economic and social wellbeing of island residents. We employ a Community Wellbeing Coordinator, Alison Meason. Alison develops new groups and services, and provides one-to-one support to those that need it.

The Island Wellbeing Project is funded by the Aspiring Communities Fund. It is a partnership between Voluntary Action Orkney and the Development Trusts of Shapinsay, Sanday, Stronsay, Hoy and Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre. Since April 2020 the project has supported more than 50 community projects and initiatives.

Alison has supported a range of projects in Shapinsay. During lockdown Alison organised grocery boxes, activity packs and an island book-swap. Alongside regular Health Walks, Alison has also recently launched the ‘Cast Affs’ charity shop and the ‘Piece Place’ café, both of which have been extremely popular with the community.

Alison also provides one-to-one support on a range of issues. For example, in the past Alison has helped people struggling with household bills, who have experienced loneliness, needed help accessing benefits, been unable to access services, had problems with housing, or who have been unable to get online. If there’s something worrying you, get in touch. If Alison can’t help, she’s likely to know somebody that can.

Contact Alison

wellbeing.shapinsay@gmail.com / 01856 711733

When we provide one-to-one support, we collect personal data about you, in the form of notes about the support we’ve provided and any follow-up action we need to take. Data will only be accessed by those who need to know, in the strictest confidence. Find out more and read our privacy notices: www.islandwellbeing.org/privacy

If anyone would like any help to go to Warmworks Orkney to find out whether your home qualifies for additional insulation or new heating contact Alison!

Grocery Boxes

During lockdown one the Development Trust were given a grant that allowed us to do Grocery boxes for the elderly, vulnerable and children. With a team of volunteers, we made up grocery boxes or delivered ready meals to those that needed it.