Shapinsay Picnic

Shapinsay Picnic – 10 th  June 2023
The Shapinsay Picnic takes place on Saturday 10 th  June. For anyone who isn’t
aware of what the Shapinsay Picnic is, it is the island sports day, with a picnic tea
and a dance in the evening. There will be sporting events for all, with events for
pre-schoolers, primary aged children, under 16s, men and women. Events take
place on the field, with the picnic either on the field or in the hall.
During tea we hold the children’s prize giving, then the tug of war will take place.
This is mixed teams of 8, North v South. There will also be an opportunity for the
Under 16s and primary children to have a go at the tug of war.
Events are free to enter, with the dance costing £5 for over 16s (payable at the
door). The music at the dance will be provided by the Shapinsay Music Group, and
there will be a bar run by the Shapinsay Darts group.
Raffles will be at both the afternoon and evening events (prize donations welcome