Soond Cinema Returns

Soond Cinema Plans to Re-Open

After 28 months of weekly virtual films, Shapinsay’s Soond Cinema is planning to re-open its physical doors for our 4th annual Shapinsay film festival in November 2022. We are grateful for the support of the Shapinsay Community Association who will be providing our new home in the Club Rooms. This cannot happen without your support. 

To legally show a film outside of your own home is a complex and costly business. For us to be able to legally show films in the Club Rooms, we need to apply to the SDT for a SWAP grant to cover the £330 licensing fees for 12 months. 

Soond Cinema will be raising funds to go towards supporting our SWAP grant application through our fortnightly Buffed! quiz which is available for £1 at our lovely shop.

The quizzes have been kindly put together by regular Soond Cinema goers who challenge you to pit your film knowledge against theirs! Pat Hazzledine has also very generously produced a series of unique Buffed! cartoons to put a smile on your dial as you work your way through our quiz teasers!